Social Entrepreneurship is a hybrid innovation that applies business and management skills to tackle chronic societal problems with sustainable solutions. The mission of Pacific’s Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship is to actively engage the University in all aspects of this transformative new field: combined academic and practical curriculum, enterprising internships and apprenticeships, applied research, local and global community outreach, and career opportunity development. At Pacific we are creating a whole new generation of solution–minded pragmatists that are pioneering practical, inventive, and sustainable approaches to address the world’s most pressing social issues: poverty, disease, malnutrition, environmental degradation, injustice and illiteracy.


Social Mission:An organization (whether non-profit or for-profit) has a compelling mission that addresses a chronic societal problem.


Innovation: The work of the organization is innovative and breakthrough in its approach and methodology.


Businesslike Practices: The management of the organization employs businesslike practices, policies, and procedures to efficiently implement its mission.


Replicability: The organization’s program is conducive to replication and scalability


Sustainability: The organization develops the capability to become sustainable through self-generated revenue from a product, service, or business enterprise that directly relates to its mission.


  • To create a central hub on campus to promote the emerging new field of social entrepreneurship.
  • To provide both academic and experiential opportunities for Pacific students in all Schools to become more knowledgeable of and directly involved in the social entrepreneurship movement through courses, internships, apprenticeships, and formation of their own student led Council.
  • To extend on-site and online certificate and graduate degree programs in social entrepreneurship to the local and global community.
  • To link the University to the community through public service, workshops, forums, and joint venture partnerships.
  • To contribute strategic applied research in this dynamic new field to measure the true impact of social entrepreneurship in addressing chronic social problems.
  • To develop a career track for students to qualify for professional positions in social entrepreneurship organizations and businesses.
  • To apply the principles of social entrepreneurship to the activities and operation of the Global Center, especially in regard to sustainability.